Welcome to Enlightened Christian Gathering Prophet Shepherd Bushiri | Tel: +27739544742

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Welcome to Enlightened Christian Gathering Prophet Shepherd Bushiri | Tel: +27739544742

We welcome you to the ECG Ministries, The Jesus Nation Church. Founded solidly on the gospel of Jesus Christ, the ECG is a global entity setting the pace in fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. As a church without borders, ECG exists in more than 70 countries with branches, clusters and home-cells as well as online congregations that span millions bringing the message of salvation through the prophetic voice as the world prepares for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

ECG Ministries is a modern congregation of Christ – centered believers celebrating God through the Prophetic, Healing and Deliverance Ministries. It is a home to millions across the globe who seek to hear God speaking today. ECG is led by founder and General Overseer Prophet Shepherd Bushiri (Major One).

Through Deliverance, Healing, Miracles, Wonders and Teaching the deep things of God, the ECG Ministries is definitely responding to the world to set the captives free from the oppression and the bondage of the devil.

ECG Ministries is more than a church, it is a family, where every race and class is accommodated , where the DNA of God declares each of us as citizens of heaven, lives are transformed and miracles and testimonies are the order of the day as demons and challenges are confronted and conquered; in our family we don’t stress!
Tell : +27739544742
Preț: 200 €
Regiunea: Vaslui, Romania
Contacte: +40 9075433